Dear Luvloopers,

Here is something I want to share with you how I started my journey with LuvLoops.

Ever since the start, I have always been into jewelry and styling my outfits with minimal jewelry that is easy to handle and lasts longer, as well as making the outfits look livelier. 

But I always ended up getting disappointed by either the quality of the jewelry or the fact that they are not suitable for wearing on a daily basis. This is when the idea popped into my mind. Being tired of not being able to wear jewelry that could last long and was suitable for daily use finally came in handy. The idea of having jewelry that you could wear while you are sleeping or throughout the day whether you are inside the comfort of your home or outside on the streets, seemed quite appealing.


Jewelry that we could wear daily and even make it our signature piece, sounded like a great idea. This is how my website LuvLoops.co.uk was born. Keep on reading to know more about my website and my intention to satisfy all the customers.




My Luv Loops

Basically, my website is based on providing high-quality minimalistic jewelry made out of Gold Vermeil. Jewelry that is made out of Gold Vermeil is not only durable but it also gives you the shine of gold that you would desire.

My passion for minimalistic jewelry made me start this website so I could provide all of my customers with high-quality minimalistic jewelry that is perfect for you to wear all day and even when you are off to bed. You would not have to worry about taking it off before you sleep or about polishing it often.


Golden Touch

The common jewelry can be easily tarnished and need extra attention all the time, and it also makes your skin appear green and leaves dark lines, but the Gold Vermeil jewelry that we provide on this website does not get tarnished easily and stays full of life and quality even after a long time.

Gold Vermeil jewelry is basically silver jewelry coated with gold, making it easy to wear and handle, without having to worry about the weight or the allergies that most people tend to have with either complete gold or any other metal.

As we pay special attention to the health and safety of our customers, we do our best to avoid harmful chemicals and acid water, which can damage their skin and trigger any type of allergies.  We promise to supply our customers with durable products at extremely reasonable prices.



With a passion for minimal, easy to handle jewelry, I pledge to satisfy everyone with the same passion as me. Don’t forget to check out the Golden Touch collection for more unique designs and elegant pieces of jewelry. If you have any confusion in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can guide you about our products and help you choose according to your requirements. Get your hands on a bunch of these before we run out of stock. We hope we would be able to help you through your road to getting an amazing, minimalistic jewelry experience.


Much love,


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