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Jewellery Care Tips

At LuvLoops, we make our designs in Gold Vermeil and gold filled as they are both made to last. And in this page, we would like to tell you how to take care of your jewellery from LuvLoops! 
Something about Gold Vermeil jewellery
What is Gold Vermeil?
A piece of true gold vermeil jewellery has to meet certain qualifications. 
  • Bast metal must be sterling silver  (semi previous metal)
  • At least 2.5 microns thick gold
  • The gold on the piece must be 10K or higher
At LuvLoops, we plate all our gold vermeil designs with 3-3.5 microns of 18K gold to ensure the highest quality product and long lasting wear for our customers.
All our 18K Gold Vermeil designs are engraved with the LuvLoops signature logo
Will Gold Vermeil Wear Off?
Gold vermeil is a type of gold jewellery made to last. ... While it may sound similar to gold plated jewellery, gold vermeil jewellery has a much thicker layer of gold. This means it is less likely to fade, tarnish, or wear off like cheap gold plated jewellery. However, the chemicals can cause your Gold Vermeil jewellery to wear off so please take care of your gold vermeil jewellery by following the care tips included in your order.
How do I take care of my Gold Vermeil Jewellery
We recommend  you to store your Gold Vermeil Jewellery away from chemicals, perfumes, lotions, etc,  these things have potential to oxidise your jewellery.
The LuvLoops jewellery pouch is a perfect place to avoid the humidity damaging your gold vermeil jewellery.
If your gold vermeil jewellery had been exposed to these elements, please make sure to pad dry the jewellery gently with a soft dry cloth or the polishing cloth comes along with your order.
Note: Do not polish gold vermeil pieces too vigorously as you may wear down the plating.

Something about Gold Fill

What is Gold Filled?
Gold filled comprises a solid brass (copper and zinc) core over which gold is mechanically bonded using heat and pressure. Gold filled items must contain, by law, 5% or 1/20 of gold by weight. The gold used is generally 12K or 14K, and all the gold fill components we use at LuvLoops are 14K gold filled.


Will Gold Filled wear off?

Gold Filled is the best alternative to solid gold which means it's extremely durable and your gold filled jewellery can last a lifetime if you take care of it properly!


However, the harsh truth is, apart from 24 carat gold, all fine metal will tarnish over time. So we still strongly recommend you to remove it in salt water and avoid any contact with harsh chemicals or perfumes. 

How to take care of my gold filled jewellery?

As we mentioned above, please storing your jewellery away from the chemicals, perfumes, lotions, etc,  these things have potential to oxidise your jewellery. If the jewellery has been exposed to these things, please pad it dry with soft cloth or the polish cloth that comes with your order. 


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